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Transforming Outdoor Spaces Sustainably

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GreenKnight Landscaping is a pioneering landscape company based in Western New York, dedicated to creating beautiful and sustainable outdoor environments. With a strong commitment to eco-friendly practices, they have become a leading provider of commercial and residential landscaping services in the region.

Comprehensive Services

  • Landscape Design and Installation: GreenKnight’s team of experienced designers work closely with clients to create customized landscape plans that harmonize with the surroundings while incorporating sustainable elements.
  • Hardscape Construction: From paved walkways and retaining walls to outdoor kitchens and water features, their skilled craftsmen bring clients’ visions to life with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Lawn Care and Maintenance: Utilizing eco-friendly products and techniques, GreenKnight ensures lawns remain lush and healthy while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Irrigation and Water Management: They specialize in designing and installing efficient irrigation systems, ensuring optimal water usage and conservation.

Environmental Stewardship

What sets GreenKnight apart is their unwavering commitment to sustainability. They prioritize the use of native plants, which require less water and maintenance, and incorporate strategies like rainwater harvesting and composting to reduce their ecological footprint. Additionally, they strive to minimize the use of harmful chemicals, opting for organic and natural alternatives whenever possible.

Client Testimonials

GreenKnight’s dedication to excellence and sustainability has earned them numerous accolades from satisfied clients. John D., a commercial client, praised their work, saying, “GreenKnight transformed our office park into a vibrant and inviting space while adhering to our sustainability goals. Their attention to detail and environmental consciousness are truly remarkable.”


With a steadfast commitment to creating sustainable and visually stunning outdoor spaces, GreenKnight Landscaping continues to raise the bar for the industry. Their innovative approach, coupled with a deep respect for the environment, makes them the go-to choice for clients seeking exceptional landscaping services that prioritize both beauty and environmental responsibility.