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The Great Battle Against the Sizzling Summer: Allied Aire Inc. to the Rescue!

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Picture this: It’s a scorching summer day in Cornelius, NC. Beads of sweat trickling down from your forehead, your innocent ice-cream melting faster than the speed of light, and the kids running amok, all thanks to a cranky air-conditioner on a strike. Talk about perfect comedic timing! Here at Allied Aire Inc., we believe every problem has a funny side. But hey, that doesn’t mean we’ll leave you in the lurch.

Whether your AC is acting up like a petulant child refusing to cool, or it’s time for an upgrade after it has run out more miles than a cross country marathon runner, our team of formidable experts is always ready to swoop in for a timely & professional AC Repair or Air Conditioner Installation.

Covering everything from HVAC Repair to Central Air Conditioning Repair, we’ve got all of your Air Conditioner services and repairs covered. Whether it’s Charlotte, NC or Denver, NC or any place in between, keep your worries in check. With Allied Aire Inc., you’re literally just a laugh and a call away from the coolest comforts!