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Stay Warm, Stay Cool: DIY Tips on HVAC and Propane Storage

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Discover handy do-it-yourself tips for managing HVAC in Akron, NY, propane storage in Tonawanda, NY, and heating & air conditioning systems in Syracuse, NY. While enlisting the help of professional service providers like NOCO is vital for more complex system issues, knowing some essential DIY tips can be cost-effective and convenient.

Tip 1: Regular HVAC Maintenance

Like any other home comfort system, your HVAC system in Akron, NY needs regular maintenance to work efficiently. A simple task like replacing or cleaning the air filters at least once a month is a good starting point. The air filters are responsible for maintaining the air quality inside your home. When they get clogged with dust, they put more strain on your HVAC system, leading to decreased efficiency and potential damage.

Tip 2: Optimize your HVAC Thermostat

Another tip you can do on your own is optimizing your HVAC thermostat; this works well when combined with professional services. During the colder months, consider setting the temperature low when you’re away and turning it up only when you are home. This can help save your energy costs.

Tip 3: Safe Propane Storage

For residents of Tonawanda, NY using propane for various purposes, safe and proper storage should be a top priority. Always store propane tanks outside the house and never in enclosed spaces such as basements or garages. Also, ensure that the tanks stay upright at all times to prevent pressure-related issues.

Tip 4: Regular Heating & Air Conditioning Checkup

Even in Syracuse, NY, where temperatures can drop quite significantly, regular check-ups of your heating & air conditioning systems are crucial. Inspect the external unit for any debris or obstructions that could affect its performance. Clear the area around it and keep an eye out for strange noises when it runs.


Being familiar with these simple DIY tips can be highly beneficial for homeowners in Akron, NY; Tonawanda, NY; and Syracuse, NY. However, remember that nothing beats a professional’s expertise. For any complex issues or standard maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact professionals like those at NOCO.

Note: Always consult a professional before proceeding with any repairs or modifications to your HVAC, propane storage, heating, and air conditioning systems. A DIY tip is not a substitute for professional advice or service.