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Simplified DIY Maintenance Tips for Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning Units

2 min read

Running an efficient cooling and heating system is crucial. It significantly reduces power bills and ensures indoor comfort, regardless of the weather conditions. Kabran AC & Heating Systems brings you a few DIY maintenance tips for Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning Units. These steps can help you keep your system in perfect shape, boosting its longevity and efficiency.

1. **Filter checks and changes:** The filter of both your heat pump and air conditioner unit plays an important part in the overall function of your system. Overtime, dust and dirt accumulate on the filters, hindering air flow and reducing efficiency. To maintain cleanliness, check the filters monthly and replace them every 90 days.

2. **Outdoor Units:** The outdoor part of the heat pump or the air conditioner, also known as the condenser, should be clean and free from debris… That means, no leaves, grass, or dirt. To clean the condenser, switch off the unit, remove the debris manually(not with a water hose), and then brush off the remaining dirt softly.

3. **Indoor Units:** Ensure the indoor part of your system (air handler or evaporator) is clean and clear. Confirm the drain line is open and not blocked. If it becomes blocked, it could cause water leakage and damage.

4. **Thermostat:** Regularly checking your thermostat shows if the temperatures coincide with the comfort levels inside the house. Programmable thermostats can be adjusted to change temperatures when you’re away from home, helping you save on energy costs.

5. **Annual Professional Maintenance:** Some system parts require professional handling as they can become complicated. Get your heat pump and AC unit checked by a professional at least once a year, just before the peak seasons of summer and winter.

Although these DIY tips can help you maintain your heat pump and AC unit efficiently, some technical problems may require professional intervention. Kabran AC & Heating Systems has specialized technicians who will assist you with an in-depth understanding in such instances.

Remember, an optimally functioning heating and cooling system not only gives you a comfortable indoor living environment but also cuts down on hefty energy bills in the long run. As such, maintaining it can save you a great deal of money over its lifespan and offer a peace of mind that’s priceless.

For further tips, advice, and professional heat pump or air conditioning unit services, don’t hesitate to contact Kabran AC & Heating.