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Plumbing Wonders and Furnace Woes

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One might assume that the greatest conflict in Tucson, Arizona is between the perennially sunny weather and the determination to drink a “hot” coffee in 100-degree weather. An insider scoop, however, reveals that the real battle happens between squeaky clean pipes and stubbornly cold furnaces.

One cold night in Oro Valley, an ancient heater, knowing its demise was near, gave its last breath right on the eve of a cold wave. The shivered inhabitants, seeking heat, called the knights of Temperature Control, Inc.. Our heroes got their toolkit armors on, embarked on their noble steeds (read: service vans), and rushed to rectify the frigid cold.

Meanwhile, at Catalina Foothills, a boisterous, irritating drip echoed through the night. The echo reached our vigilant crew at Casas Adobes, heralding the call of a plumbing odyssey. Like a flash, they were on the spot – wrench in hand, ready to face the perilous leak.

Whether it’s a rogue air conditioner in Flowing Wells, a misbehaving heater in Amphi, or unyielding pipes in Tucson, these quiet heroes are a mere phone call away. Shivers and leaks don’t scare us at Temperature Control, Inc.!