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Funny “On-the-Go” Comfort with Linked Equipment’s Mobile Solutions

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Some say home is where the heart is. At Linked Equipment, we think that’s overrated! Why have a heart when you can have a full bathroom, office, or even a shower stashed away in a chic, portable unit?

Portable Offices For People On The Move

Don’t settle for working in coffee shops when you could have your very own Mobile Office Solution. Privacy? Check. Coffee without the hipster music? Check. Now you can virtually work anywhere without the background buzz of a barista’s blender!

Restroom Break in The Wilderness?

Calling all nature-lovers! Ever dreamed of a pristine restroom in the middle of nowhere? Our Mobile Restroom Solutions are the answer to your call of nature. No more awkward squatting behind the bushes.

Shower at Any Location

And surprise! We even have Modular Showers. Just because you’re at a remote construction site or a wild weekend festival, it doesn’t mean you have to take a bath in your sweat. Pop open one of our shower solutions and make a splash!

Remember, at Linked Equipment, it’s always comfort – wherever, whenever!