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Essential DIY Tips for Heating and Air Conditioning System Maintenance

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Since 1949, [Perry Heating, and Cooling](https://perryheatingandcooling.com/) has been a premier HVAC and plumbing company serving Tucson, AZ and surrounding communities including Casas Adobes, AZ, Catalina Foothills, AZ, and Oro Valley, AZ. Over the years, we’ve gleaned important lessons about heating service and AC installation that we’re more than willing to share. In this article, let’s introduce some easy DIY tips to help you maintain your heating and cooling systems.

Keeping Your AC Clean

Understanding the basics of air conditioner service is a great way to extend the lifespan of your HVAC system and improve its performance. One easy routine maintenance task you can do is cleaning your outdoor AC unit. Brushes or a spray hose can be used to remove debris from the exterior of your AC unit, whilst a vacuum cleaner can be used for the interior parts. Always ensure your AC unit is off before doing any cleaning or maintenance.

Replacing AC Filters

A vital component of your air conditioning system is the filter. A clean filter means healthier air and a more efficient unit. For most units, it’s recommended that filters are replaced every 60-90 days. However, environments with higher dust levels or households with pets may require more frequent replacements. Replacing the filter is typically an easy task that doesn’t require professional AC service.

Maintaining Heating Systems

When it comes to heating service, a great tip is to regularly check your furnace filter and replace it as needed. During the colder months, it’s best to check the filter once a month. A dirty filter will cause your furnace to work harder, increasing your energy bills and potentially leading to costly heater installation.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Heater not working as it should? First, check your circuit breakers or fuse box. It could be a simple electrical problem. If not, ensure your thermostat settings are correct. Issues still persisting? It might be time to call in the professionals at [Perry Heating and Cooling](https://perryheatingandcooling.com/).

Yearly Inspections

Regular inspections can preempt many issues with your HVAC system. Ideally, an air conditioner service and inspection should be done in the spring, while a heating service and inspection should take place in the fall. This gives you a chance to rectify any problems before you need to rely heavily on the systems.

Through regular maintenance activities, you can keep your heating and cooling systems in peak condition. However, if you need professional air conditioning installation or heating service in Tucson, AZ or its surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact us at Perry Heating and Cooling – we’re here to help.