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Essential Bee and Wasp Management Tips from Bee Busters

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Bee Removal

1. Identify the species before taking action
2. Always wear protective gear when approaching a hive
3. Consider relocating honey bees instead of exterminating them
4. Seal entry points after removal to prevent future infestations


• Start with a beginner’s beekeeping course
• Choose the right location for your hives
• Invest in quality equipment and protective gear
• Regularly inspect your hives for signs of disease or pests

Wasp Elimination

1. Locate the nest during daytime, but remove it at night when wasps are less active
2. Use appropriate pesticides or natural deterrents
3. Remove attractive food sources from your property
4. Seal entry points to prevent future nests

Additional Tips

• Educate yourself on the importance of bees for the ecosystem
• Plant bee-friendly flowers to support local populations
• Consider calling Bee Busters for professional assistance with difficult removals
• Always prioritize safety when dealing with stinging insects

Remember, while DIY methods can be effective, professional help from Bee Busters ensures safe and efficient management of bees and wasps. Our experts are trained to handle various situations while protecting pollinators when possible.