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Empowering Every Home: The Katham Industries Journey

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In the heart of Leonia, New Jersey, is where the legacy of Katham Industries began. The common objective? Ensuring families enjoy the comfort and safety of their homes through superior heating and air conditioning installations.

The Awakening to Comfort

Back in a frosty winter, when the bone-chilling cold of River Edge, NJ made even the warmest homes seem daunting, a family found their saving grace in the form of an efficient heating service from Katham Industries. They realized the difference between enduring winter and enjoying it as their brand-new furnace repair transformed the household.

Silent Heroes of Tenafly

In Tenafly, it was a sweltering summer when the Jacksons experienced the ease of Katham’s AC installation. With the oppressive heat bearing down on them, this divine intervention provided a much-needed haven. Little John Jackson called them the ‘silent heroes’ in his summer holiday assignment. It was their story that boosted Katham’s resolve to make many more homes like the Jackson’s comfortable in extreme temperatures.

Maintaining the HVAC Installation Legacy

Since then, Katham Industries has expanded its services across Teaneck, Englewood, and Haworth, NJ. The journey, ignited by a passion for providing comfort, is carried forward with dedication to deliver quality HVAC installations and maintain the legacy of warmth and care.