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Debunking Myths: Your Ultimate Guide to HVAC and Plumbing Services

2 min read

Every householder encounters challenges with their HVAC or plumbing systems at some point. There are many myths surrounding these topics, sowing confusion and creating misunderstandings. Our esteemed company, Stegall Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical, is here to set the record straight.

Myth 1: Routine HVAC Maintenance isn’t Crucial

One of the many misconceptions around HVAC systems is that they don’t require regular maintenance. In fact, regular inspections and maintenance of your HVAC system can prevent costly repairs down the line and ensure maximum performance. Like any machine, regular check-ups keep HVAC systems operating at peak efficiency.

Myth 2: All Plumbing Issues Can Be Handled DIY

While it’s tempting to tackle all home repairs yourself, some problems should be left to the professionals. A minor leak or clog might seem easy to fix, but unseen complications can quickly escalate issues. It’s usually safer to seek expert help when confronted with plumbing repairs.

Myth 3: AC Unit Size Doesn’t Matter

One might think that installing a larger AC unit would cool a space more quickly. Contrarily, the size of the AC unit should correspond to the size of the space it’s cooling. An oversized unit may quickly cycle on and off, leading to inefficient energy use and potentially damaging the unit.

Myth 4: You Can Ignore Occasional Electrical ‘Hiccups’

An occasionally-occurring electrical issue can be easy to ignore. A blinking light or a sparking outlet, while alarming the first few times, can come to seem normal. However, these signs could be warnings that something serious is awry with your electrical system. It’s important to consult experts at Stegall Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical at the first sign of trouble.

Our team of HVAC service, plumbing repair, and AC installation experts are always ready to help debunk myths and provide the finest service. Ensure you’re armed with the right knowledge and reach out to us whenever you need.