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Debunking Common Myths About AC & Heating Services

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In the world of heating, venting, and air conditioning (HVAC), myths abound. Home and business owners alike have fallen victim to misconceptions about the operation, maintenance, and servicing of these systems. One company, Long’s Air Conditioning, Inc., is determined to set the record straight. Today, we debunk some of the most common myths about AC and heating services.

Myth One: The Biggest Systems are the Best

Many consumers labor under the misapprehension that buying the biggest AC or heating system on the market is the best course of action. However, this is not necessarily true. Systems that are too large for a certain space can increase your energy bills, sporadically cycle on and off and lead to uneven temperatures. Your comfort and energy efficiency are our priority at Long’s Air Conditioning, Inc., so we always advise on the most appropriate system size for your specific needs.

Myth Two: Auto-Times Adjustments Save More Energy

It’s commonly believed that utilizing the timed adjustments on your HVAC unit will save more energy. While it is true that it’s economical to let your system rest when you’re not home, excessively lowering or raising the temperature will make your unit work harder, leading to higher energy consumption. Our expert team can guide you on the optimum temperature settings to maximize efficiency, comfort, and savings.

Myth Three: Maintenance Isn’t Necessary Until Something Breaks

Regular maintenance is utterly essential when it comes to HVAC systems. Neglecting this aspect until a problem arises can lead to hefty repair costs and lowered efficiency. In fact, EnergyStar recommends annual maintenance to ensure your system runs smoothly. At Long’s Air Conditioning, Inc., we offer comprehensive maintenance packages to keep your system in peak condition, at its most energy-efficient.

In conclusion, it’s crucial to arm yourself with factual, reliable information when it comes to HVAC systems. Partnering with Long’s Air Conditioning, Inc. ensures you’ll have the correct knowledge to make informed decisions — and to prevent falling for misconceptions that could cost you noticeably. Let us be your HVAC professionals and work by your side to make sure you get the best value for your money.