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A Day in the Life: Providing Professional Heating & Cooling Solutions in Northport

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The day of a Turner & Schoel employee is filled with rewarding challenges, insightful interactions, and the satisfaction of providing top-quality heating and cooling solutions to the Northport community. We’re more than just employees, we’re a part of a family, dedicated to helping our neighbors live comfortably, no matter what the weather outside brings.

A Typical Morning at Turner & Schoel

Our mornings often start bright and early, with a hot cup of coffee and a briefing on the day’s tasks. We prioritize our customers’ needs, taking their calls and addressing their concerns about their heating and cooling systems. With every customer interaction, we continue to learn that our role in this community extends beyond just maintenance and repair — we’re providing comfort and peace of mind.

Late mornings are usually time for us to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. We equip ourselves with the necessary tools, load them onto our service vans, and head out to our customers’ locations. Every visit is an opportunity to solve a problem, whether it’s a minor fix or a major installation.

Afternoons of Solutions and Satisfaction

In the afternoon, we often carry out maintenance checks or installs. This could mean installing a brand new heating or cooling system or providing regular maintenance to an existing one. With each project, we uphold our commitment to excellence, ensuring that every customer is fully satisfied with our work.

Post-installation, we explain to the customer how their new system works and how to maintain it. Often, customers are surprised to learn the nuances of their heating and cooling systems, appreciating the increased efficiency and potential cost savings our solutions can provide.

Evenings of Reflection and Preparation

As the day winds down, we return to our office to clean our tools, restock our vans, and prepare for the following day’s tasks. But our work doesn’t end when we clock out. Even after business hours, we remain on call for emergencies, ready to respond when our customers need us most.

In all, a day at Turner & Schoel is a fulfilling blend of hard work, customer service, and the tangible result of improving the lives of those around us. We are more than just a heating and cooling solutions company; we are a vital part of the Northport community, dedicated to serving our neighbors and enhancing their everyday lives.